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One Thousand Words Photography is us - Angie and Ashley.  

We met in the very first class on the very first day of art school and bonded over a deep love of photography and pretty dresses.  Years later we're delightfully surprised to realize that we spend our working hours photographing people in love and the people that love them.  We are based in the Seattle area but welcome travel all over the world.  Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! 

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Ashley & Luke

Congratulations Ashley and Luke! They fell in love over lattes about 9 years ago . . . they kissed at 5:55pm on 5/5/05 . . . they doubled the size of their family . . . and they’re still crazy about each other.

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the Pillid

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted. Life has been so busy and full of great things to share, but with not enough time for me to actually sit down and share with you.  The past few years I have been working with the Jambam team as the creative director for the […]

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Guess what?

We have a new blog!!!  We’re not leaving this one, but we are dedicating it to all things wedding.  Our new blog, One Thousand Words A Minute, is about our families, our portrait work and our inspirations.  We’re really excited to have this space be all about weddings and we’re also looking forward to the […]

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Finn in the crib

We just picked up this great little crib from the 1800′s for the studio and couldn’t wait to photograph a baby in it!  Luckily . . . we keep one lying around.  Check out Finn’s growing good looks.

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O is for . . .Oh Wow.

So bittersweet when one of the girls outgrows something . . . I found a scrap of paper on my desk from some months back that I had forgotten all about until just now: Things that made Zoë say Oh . . . Wow! 1. Eva’s hair 2. cereal 3.  Wind chimes on our walk […]

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M is for Maltby

Just this last April, Angie introduced me to the little town of Maltby. It has become a fast favorite for my family. It’s only 20 minutes from my condo in Kirkland, and if feels as if we have traveled back in time. The natural food market, Ice cream shop and cafe make this town one […]

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Studio Glimpse

A few new wax covered pieces.  Many many thanks to Jon and  Heather Gilson for the lessons – the team heat treat is where it’s at!  We fly through these when we work together.  Paper sculpture courtesy of Ashley, she’s always got some crafty paper ideas up her very long sleeves.

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I is for Ice Cream . . .

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Lessons from my Mom . . .

1.  Always hug after you fight.  Always. 2.  People are more important than things. 3.  You’re not the queen of the world. 4.  Always bring your own lunch.  Save the money you would have spent buying one and get something you really want . . . like a plane ticket. 5. People might not remember […]

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day!  This is a current favorite of the little girl who made me a mother:

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