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About Us

One Thousand Words Photography is us - Angie and Ashley.  

We met in the very first class on the very first day of art school and bonded over a deep love of photography and pretty dresses.  Years later we're delightfully surprised to realize that we spend our working hours photographing people in love and the people that love them.  We are based in the Seattle area but welcome travel all over the world.  Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! 

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Happy Anniversary!

It’s been a year since these two got married . . .  I’m going with better late than never and posting.  Besides . . . it’s quite fun to look back on such a lovely day right around it’s anniversary!


Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_6 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_1 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_2 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_5 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_10 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_7 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_11 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_12 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_14 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_9 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_13 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_3 Woodenville_Wedding_Photographer_4

A year later . . . .

There are so many beautiful weddings that we haven’t gotten around to blogging, so we’re going with better late than never – and trying to get some up!

My lovely sister-in-law got married last fall on top of a mountain, in the middle of a snow flurry.  It was cold, but gorgeous.  Also – look how cute my kids are!!!!!  It’s kind of embarrassing how many photos they’ve ended up in . . . .Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding13 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding 1 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding 2 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding3 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding 4Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding 7 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding8 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding9 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding12 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding11 Golden_BC_Canada_Wedding14 Golden_BC_Wedding_17 Golden_BC_Wedding_18

A Ballard Engagement


A Snohomish Engagement:

I know . . . it’s been slow here at the wedding blog space.  We’re quite a bit better at posting on our personal and portrait blog – so have a look HERE if you want to check in with us.

If you’re just in it for the wedding and engagement sorts of things, thanks for putting up with our silence!  How cute are these two?

Ashley & Luke

Congratulations Ashley and Luke!

They fell in love over lattes about 9 years ago . . . they kissed at 5:55pm on 5/5/05 . . . they doubled the size of their family . . . and they’re still crazy about each other.


One Thousand Words Photography just turned ten!

Ten years ago we shot our very first wedding, fell in love with it all, and set up this company.  Bill and Maggie – I hope you’re having an amazing tenth year together.  We are.

the Pillid

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted. Life has been so busy and full of great things to share, but with not enough time for me to actually sit down and share with you.  The past few years I have been working with the Jambam team as the creative director for the new product called Pillid.

It’s like a secret compartment for your water bottle: holding anything you want! The Pillid scews onto your water bottle and the water bottle lid screws on top of the Pillid. Sneaky huh! It’s one of those inventions that you can’t actually believe didn’t exist till now.

We are a busy family to put it lightly, and now we can stay on track with our supplements which honestly were forgotten most days prior to this invention. I love to stack them up in a set of seven and load them up on Sunday, that way I’m all set for the week. I just grab my Pillid, put it on my water bottle and go.

Our product is now available for purchase!!! Here is the link so you can easily get one if you want to:

Also for more info on the product visit our website here:

But the link I’m most passionate about and wanting to share with you is the story of how this product came to be. I’m not gonna lie- It makes me cry: The story of Pillid begins with my dear friend Jennie Mejia and her daughter Ingrid. Ingrid was diagnosed with a rare incurable disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis (to learn more about JM click here A diagnosis like this is not only heartbreaking but so scary. As a Mom, I can’t imagine how terrified I would be if a doctor gave me this news about my child. Jennie is one of the strongest people I know on the planet and Ingrid is right up there with her. Ingrid’s spirit is so bright she literally glows. Ingrid and Jennie inspire me daily. (click on the story link to read about how Pillid came to be, and the full history behind their legacy)

Ingrid is not defined by her disease and she isn’t letting it hold her back either. She is a dancer, visionary, comedian and artist. She is on a path towards remission and this is due to Jennie and Ingrid’s diligence with medications and vitamins. Missing medications isn’t an option for so many people with serious diseases. Hopefully this little invention will help a great deal of people stay on a road of health and wellness, and for people like me, make my life a little bit easier.

The last question is for you. What would you put in your Pillid, and how could this product improve your life? I hope we can all inspire others to live well regardless of our obstacles.

Merry Christmas!!!

We’re so grateful for each of you that we’ve had the pleasure to photograph this year, and to each of you that have taken the time to stop by and see our work.  Blessings to you and your families.


Angie & Ashley


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